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RTPA provides an automatic, complete and permanent record of all executing program statements, all data processed and the moment of time each statement was executed, regardless of the structure of the programs or subprograms.

RTPA is a precompiler that converts a normal source program into an audit-enabled source program which is then compiled normally. The RTPA process is simple:

  1. RTPA analyzes the source code and then creates a new temporary source code file containing both the source code and audit statements.
  2. RTPA compiles the audit-enabled source code with the regular compiler. The resulting object is an audit-enabled object program.
  3. When the audit-enabled program is initiated (interactive or batch), the executable itself produces an audit output file, which we normally refer to as an audit file, or audit.

The audit file can be viewed in real time as the program executes, or as it is a normal spooled file, printed out after execution. It can also be displayed online, making it searchable.

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The following videos provide detailed information about using, installing and benefiting from RTPA. Please click on the links to learn more about RTPA.

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