See the Flow

Program Auditing

Get the information you need….

Capture the information you need. Get a program overview or audit for specific information. Run for: source statements, comments, variable contents, compile listing statement sequence numbers, source statement change IDs, statement change dates or time of execution.

OR: Audit labels, File I/O, external references, branches and conditional operations. Audit individual variables (e.g., customer number). Audit arithmetic operations. Engage a test audit and let the program run until the bug occurs. Audit the time of execution along with source statements. Audit conditional statements to validate reliable operation in ‘fence conditions’.


Start, stop, or restart an audit based on the value of a variable or the relative values of multiple variable. Audit statements with a particular chance date or ID.

RTPA allows you to run the auditing functions you need. Auditing impact on the processor is minimal (as little as 20% of the total CPU time for the job). For large programs or if there is a compiler source-size limitation, you can run only what you need.

…when you need it.

What RTPA Will do for You

Demystify Legacy Programs
Understand legacy code fat. RTPA provides an immediate overview of the program flow saving time, money, and frustration. Whether in-house, vendor supplied, or an interaction of the two, RTPA clarifies what is happening during execution in unfamiliar code.


Simplify the debugging process. RTPA removes the need to interact with each line of execution or set hit-or-miss execution breakpoints to find bugs. With RTPA, engage the audit on a ‘hands free’ test system or audit unique variables to quickly identify and fix difficult software glitches.
Find Bugs and Fix Software Glitches


Verify new software development
Develop new programs more quickly by validating the execution of code during the development process. RTPA reduces the need for additional test functions by confirming the code works as expected. With RTPA, shorten the delivery times of new programs without compromising quality.
Use RTPA for on-demand forensic accounting and analytics. Using its video-camera like ability to capture and record all executing program source statements and data, and its ability to put a time stamp inside corporate computer programs as they produce financial reports, RTPA makes it possible to record, access, examine, and analyze financial transactions.
Forensic Accounting