Our Mission

Bringing the power of real-time auditing to corporations worldwide is our mission. With computers becoming more powerful every day, our auditing technique is usable by programmers on any platform using any language. We believe that, in the future, every program will be audited.

About Us

Paul H. Harkins, President and Chief Technology Officer, pioneered the software auditing technique and created the award-winning programming utility RTPA. Mr. Harkins has been working with IBM systems for 40 years including 21 years at IBM, where he was actively involved in hundreds of customer accounts worldwide and created the original IBM Apparel Business System, the first on-line software package ever designed for the apparel industry. After leaving IBM, Mr. Harkins was a principal in Apparel Business Systems, Inc., a software development firm. He then founded his own software consulting and development firm, Harkins & Associates, Inc. in 1990. Mr. Harkins has written articles for magazine publications such as  Midrange Computing, and has published books including “How to Be a Highly Paid Corporate Programmer”, and “The Future of Corporate Computing”.

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“How to Be a Highly Paid Corporate Programmer”

The Future of Corporate Computing

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